Friday, November 28, 2008

Life is full of Gutter Balls


This is just wrong.

Bowling Alleys with bumpers so that kids no longer have to endure the painful humiliation of gutter balls? Please.

This is just another example of coddling children and succumbing to our spoiled culture of immediate gratification. I don't mean to sound cranky (or worse, like Andy Rooney) but how does this "everybody's a winner" nonsense prepare kids for life? What happened to perseverence? To practice? To learning to overcome failure?

I say, take a lesson instead from Barack Obama. His pathetic gutter balls probably cost him Pennsylvania in the Democratic Primary.

He bounced back. Your kids can too.

1 comment:

jwharding28 said...

You do sound a little cranky.

Against training wheels also? Down on tee-ball?

I agree that the promotional page on that web site sounded silly, but I think that as an introduction to the sport, there's nothing wrong with bumpers.

Then again, that extra brake they give to driving instructors really ticks me off...