Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gingrich Country

 "South Carolina is too small for a republic and too large for an insane asylum"

- James Petigru, 19th century Congressman after South Carolina seceded in 1860

I didn't watch the full South Carolina debates - no man deserves that much entertainment. 

But there's that stunning clip of Rick Perry, the swaggering Texan, at the debate held on Martin Luther King day.   Here was the exchange:

Moderator:   Are you suggesting on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day that the federal government has no business scrutinizing the voting laws of states where minorities were once denied the right to vote?

Perry:  I'm saying that the state of Texas is under assault by the federal government.  I'm also saying that South Carolina is at war with this federal government and this administration...

The Myrtle Beach audience roared.  It may have been the the loudest applause of the night.  For Perry, it was his last big moment in the spotlight.  He would end his Presidential bid three days later and back Newt Gingrich. 

So did the Republic of South Carolina. 

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